Indie Game Reviews

  • Kuso Nintendo Switch Review

    kuso is a simple game, with simple mechanics, with the only innovation being a checkpoint that you can place anywhere you want. Simple isn't easy, and when it comes to kuso's design, it's obvious that a lot of love and care went to how your main character controls, and how he interacts with the environment around him.

  • My Time at Portia Review

    There's something about playing life simulators that is extremely soothing, maybe it's the fact that there isn't much of a time pressure for you to complete objectives, or that your tasks for the day are subject to your own whimsy. My Time at Portia is a fresh entry into this genre, and I'm hoping that it brings something fresh into the mix.

  • Mercenary Kings for Switch Review

    Mercenary Kings is a run n' gun platformer that shooting, dodging, rolling, crafting and dying in various maps all over the world. You'll have the ability to create and customize the gun that fits your playstyle, knife enemies that get too close to you and farm for more materials.

  • Shadows of Adam Review

    Shadows of Adam is a classically styled JRPG that comes with all the traippings of the JRPGs from yesteryear. The art style and music harken back to the SNES days, with superb pixel art and catchy music, Something Classic has developed their take on the classic RPG.

  • Rogue Islands Review

    Rogue Islands is an FPS Roguelike that will have you exploring islands, crafting spells and blasting anything that dares to look your way. While it may look like Minecraft, Rogue Islands is completely cenetered around fast paced, frenetic combat.

  • Songbringer Review

    Songbringer is a an action RPG that throws in a generous mix of items, robots, chunky pixels, randomly generated dungeons and enough secrets to overload your floating robot friend.

  • LOCALHOST Review

    LOCALHOST is a game that follows you on your first day of work at a robot chop shop and the strange interactions that follow.

  • Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Review

    Yonder is an open world exploration game that takes place on a vibrant island. You'll fish, farm, chop wood and tame animals in one of the most relaxing games I've played this year.

  • Yooka-Laylee Review

    Yook-Laylee is a game that will transport you back to the days of Banjo-Kazooie. It's a 3d collect-em-all platformer that proudly wear its influences on its sleeves.

  • Future Unfolding Review

    Loot Rascals is a roguelike that will have yolu carefully planning your every move and brooding over every bit of loot and equipment that you'll discover. You'll need to correctly poredict enemy behavior, and plan your actions accordingly in order to survive.

  • Loot Rascals Review

    Loot Rascals is a roguelike that will have yolu carefully planning your every move and brooding over every bit of loot and equipment that you'll discover. You'll need to correctly poredict enemy behavior, and plan your actions accordingly in order to survive.

  • Hidden Folks Review

    While it’s easy to draw direct parallels between Hidden Folks and the multiple clones and spin-offs of various Where’s Waldo books and games, Hidden Folks has taken that formula and tweaked it, in order to create a decidedly different experience.

  • Alwa's Awakening Review

    Alwa’s Awakening is a retro-inspired game, that harkens back to the days of NES gaming, with its quaint graphics and chiptune soundtrack, we’re easily transported back to yesteryear.

  • Poi Review

    Poi is a 3D adventure game that will have you jumping, rolling and tight-rope walking through a variety of open-ended levels. You’ll need to skillfully control your character as you try to accomplish quests and nab the collectables that dot the landscape.

  • Shift Happens Review

    Shift Happens is a platforming puzzle game that focuses on a unique mechanic in order to to challenge the player and tickle their brain. While there are single and multiplayer modes, the game shines when play in a local co-op fashion.

  • Stephen's Sausage Roll Review

    Stephen’s Sausage Roll is an enigmatic puzzler that will have you tearing your hair out as you slowly but surely plod your way through increasingly difficult levels. You’ll need to roll, roast and skewer your way to the end goal, while hopefully keeping your sanity in check.

  • Hyper Light Drifter Review

    Hyper Light Drifter is a top down zelda style game, that boasts beautiful environments, an expansive open world and crushingly difficult battles.

  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Review

    Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes(KTaNE) is a multiplayer game where you have to work with a team to defuse a suitcase bomb before the time runs out. Communication will be key, as you juggle multiple puzzles around with your teammates.

  • The Sea Will Claim Everything Review

    The Sea Will Claim Everything is a point and click adventure game that sports a charming art style, essays worth of flavor text, and crafts an intelligent and philosophical story that embroils community, politics and whimsy.

  • Blade Sympthony Review

    Blade Symphony is a 3D fighting game that revolves around swords, styles and stances. You’ll face off against opponents from all over the globe as you react and adapt to your opponent’s strategies.

  • Courier of the Crypts Review

    Courier of the Crypts is an atmospheric puzzle adventure game, whose main mechanic revolves around the correct manipulation of light with the environment. You’ll spend your time navigating your way through dark crypts, over seas of acid and breaking into secret chambers.

  • Blood Alloy:Reborn Review

    Blood Alloy:Reborn is an intense arcade slasher/shooter, that will have you dodging, wall-running, shooting and destroying everything in sight. Ultra-maneuverability is the emphasis here, and you’ll dash and fly all over the level as you attempt to wrangle control of your character.

  • Devil Daggers Review

    Devil Daggers is a circle-strafing, bunny hopping, jump strafing arcade shoot ‘em up that is reminiscent of the early id games, where fast movements and deadly weapons defined the genre. You’ll blast away enemies as you slowly and painfully climb the leaderboards that rank every player.

  • Ultra Hat Dimension Review

    Ultra Hat Dimension is a top-down puzzle game that features hats, punching and increasingly difficult levels. You’ll spend your time navigating around the level in an effort to grab the key and make it to the exit as punch-prone blocks hinder you if you get too close.

  • Crashlands Review

    Crashlands is an open world survival RPG that features crafting, loot, excessive amounts of humor and panic-inducing battles. You’ll explore an expansive world, tame monsters, fight off enemies, build a base, craft weapons and complete an almost endless amount of quests.

  • Slime Rancher Review

    Slime Rancher is a disgustingly cute game, filled with adorable slimes that squish and bounce around the map. Your job as a rancher is to capture them, raise them them in captivity, combine them and collect little pellets that they put out and turn it into money.

  • The Aquatic Adventures of the Last Human Review

    The Aquatic Adventures of the Last Human explores the hauntingly beautiful, post-apocalyptic adventures of the last human on Earth. You’ll meander your way through the ocean as you dodge mines and defeat larger than life bosses.

  • Blitz Breaker Review

    Blitz Breaker is an arcade game that’s light on story and heavy on fun. You’ll spend your time bouncing from wall-to-wall as you try and navigate the deadly mazes, water filled corridors and spike lined walkways.

  • Blackhole Review

    Blackhole is a physics-based puzzle platformer game that prides itself on brain-twisting puzzles that incorporate gravity altering portals in an expansive world.

  • Slybots: Frantic Arena

    Slybots is billed as a frenetic and fast multiplayer hotseat game, where you’ll have access to a variety of weapons, such as guns, swords, and grenades that you can use to take down your opponents and increase your score, as well as the ability to hide and disguise your robot as an unassuming grey box and lie in wait as an enemy rushes by you for you to take them out.

  • 12 is Better Than 6 Review

    12 is Better Than 6 is a fast and frenetic top down shooter that couples a unique shooting mechanic with quick and deadly gunplay. It’ll have you running, gunning and slashing through a swathe of enemies against seemingly impossible odds.

  • Nova-111 Review

    Not only does Funktronic Labs have a funky fresh name, their newest game, Nova-111, is a breath of fresh air that combines, a turn-based navigation and battle system that is reminiscent of rogue-likes, mind-bending puzzles and real-time enemies and dangers.

  • Flywrench Review

    Flywrench is a brutally difficult action arcade game produced by indie developer Messhof. You’ll spend your time flapping, spinning, gliding and dying as you progress through progressively difficult levels.

  • Master Spy Review

    Master Spy is a stealth based platformer that incorporates elements of speed running that is reminiscent of Super Meat Boy. You’ll spend your time trying to break into buildings, avoiding guards and trying to circumvent all the security measures they have in place.

  • Race The Sun Review

    Race The Sun is an endless flyer that literally pits your solar powered spaceship against the setting sun. Race The Sun is a high octane, adrenaline pumping adventure as you dip, dive and navigate through narrow corridors and giant pyramids, in an attempt to chase the sun and keep yourself powered on for as long as possible.

  • Poly Bridge Review

    Poly Bridge is a physics simulation game in which you build “bridges” to help vehicles cross over dangerous ravines and trenches. Bridges is a term I use loosely, as wet toilet paper has more structural integrity than some of the monstrosities you create. Poly Bridge is currently in Early Access and is undergoing active development with a release date geared toward late 2015/early 2016.

  • Mushroom 11 Review

    Mushroom 11 is a unique game that doesn’t particularly fit in any of the archetypal genres that we usually box games into. It is is a game where you attempt to control an amorphous green fungal blob as you squish, squelch, grow and conform to the environment around you in an attempt to traverse the deadly world that surrounds you.

  • Refunct Review

    First person platforming games are making a comeback, and parkour-style games look they’re starting to come back in full force. Refunct is a short and sweet platformer, featuring a minimalistic art style, light elements of parkour, an engaging musical track and flowing gameplay.

  • Environmental Station Alpha Review

    Environmental Station Alpha(ESA) is Hempuli's love letter to the metroidvania genre and has been in development for over three years. ESA features all the trademarks of an indie game, incredible pixellated graphics, a one-man gaming studio and an engine that was built on Multimedia Fusion 2.